They catered my wedding and it was absolutely amazing! everyone keep going up for seconds and thirds, just because everyone loved all of the dishes! I would highly recommend them for the quality and customer service.   -CARLO M.

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I was frantic trying to plan an event for me and 55 of my closest friends (which ended up being 80), when I spoke with Fox & Spoon’s shining star, William Balcazar! My stress was quickly put to ease when he only asked me a few questions on the theme I was wanting. The plan and execution was phenomenal; From the signature Lavender Hibiscus cocktails to the tuna tartar and crab cake appetizers and the delicious five star main course of prime rib with perfectly sautéed vegetables and roasted potatoes! The service was on point, my guests hands constantly occupied with a drink and no complaint. Allowed my guests to enjoy one of the utmost fabulous nights of our lives. 
He planned so well and in advance that my increase in guests was without flaw. I had a few guests that had dietary requirements & allergies and he delivered for those individuals with great care and they were thrilled!  FIVE STAR! Highly recommended!  I’ve already requested another, more intimate service for 16! We can’t wait!  -   SIERRA W.

Surpassed my expectations. They truly went above and beyond. I couldn’t be happier :-).   - Milton M.

My husband and I love to host, but we both work a lot and don’t really cook. Fox and Spoon allowed us to entertain our guests with a fine dining experience in our own home. Everything was perfect from the table setting to the service to the delicious food. The plates were coursed out nicely and I appreciated their accommodations for allergies. I highly recommend Fox and Spoon!    -LISA P.


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The best catering in Chicago. They are so professional and helpful. I’ve never hired a catering company before so it was nice to be educated and dealt with patience. They walked me through my order needs and made it so easy. Their prices are fair and definitely the customer service makes it all worth it. I highly recommend them for any event or occasion. I’ll be back for my next party. Thanks Will!  - Fallen W.

Fox & Spoon

What a great experience! From the delicious food to the incredible employees and customer service this was truly a memorable time and need to do again very soon! The pricing is also fair which will make ordering again a no brainer.  - Marc Z.

I must say that normally in my frequent catering encounters I look at the price and say do I get a happy ending. I myself am suspect by nature and when I saw the quote and what was promised I thought Mr Balcazar had made a mistake - rather than being cheap I said is the price correct and he responded under promise and over deliver at which point I thought idiot or sucker. Wow blew me away and not only do we both have sarcastic sense of humors but I paid for C service and got the A+ with the proverbial happy ending. -  Sean S.